How HVAC UV Light Treatment Improves Your Home’s Indoor Air Quality

Maintaining high indoor air quality is essential for your family’s health and comfort. Many homeowners invest in an HVAC system to regulate air temperatures and eliminate particulate matter from the air in their homes.

Conventional air filters are effective against larger inorganic particles in your HVAC ducts, but smaller microorganisms can still pass through standard filters and make their way into your environment.

Additionally, the air in your home may contain pollutants like dust mites, pet dander, traces of dangerous gases (radon), and secondhand smoke. Not to mention that HVAC UV Light has been tested to kill the COVID 19 virus!

All of the above elements contribute to poor indoor air quality, triggering allergies and other respiratory problems. One of the most efficient and proven methods of neutralizing these pollutants is UV light treatment

UV Light Treatment History

Hospitals and clinics have used UV light to disinfect surfaces and keep the air clean for decades. While it may not be an all-inclusive solution for your home’s poor air quality problem, studies show that UV light treatment eliminates organic pollutants like molds, bacteria, mildew, fungus, and viruses within HVAC systems.

These types of microorganisms may be most prevalent in your Arizona home during the summer. We install UV lights in your HVAC ducts or near the evaporator coils to eliminate such threats to your air quality.

How HVAC UV Light Treatment Works

  • An air treatment systems professional will install single or dual UV lamps within your HVAC system ductwork or near the evaporator coils. The UV lamps emit a germicidal light into the air flowing through the ducts within your house.
  • The UV light can penetrate the microorganism’s DNA, disrupting their reproductive cycles and destroying them.
  • UV light will constantly disinfect the air as it circulates throughout your home and the HVAC system to improve your home’s indoor air quality. UV light treatment is so effective that it destroys 50% of bioaerosols in your home’s air environment within the first 45 minutes of deployment.
  • UV light treatment operates on a wavelength and does not rely on aerosols to disinfect. This means you are safely sterilizing your home air environment without releasing any dangerous ozone gases. UV light treatment is environmentally friendly.

Other HVAC UV Light Treatment Benefits

UV light treatment has several other benefits besides keeping your indoor air free of pathogens and other microorganisms.

1.   Keeping Your Evaporator Coils Clean

Over time, the grill covering the evaporator coils gets clogged with dust and mold, affecting the system’s efficiency. Advanced air treatment systems that Greenwood Air uses like Fresh-Aire UV’s APCO-X come with a second UV-C light dedicated to evaporator coil disinfection and it keeps your HVAC system working as it should. 

2.   Reduced Utility Bills

Continuous application of UV light treatment may be highly effective, but it will raise your utility bills significantly. Automated UV disinfection systems with variable speed technology apply adequate amounts of UV light and reduce the system’s power consumption by as much as 80%. Therefore, homeowners can enjoy UV light’s air purifying benefits while using way less energy.

3.   Elimination of Harsh Cleaning Chemicals

We use a foaming agent to clean the evaporator coils of HVAC systems without UV light treatment. Some cleaning agents contain harmful chemicals whose residue runs the risk of remaining inside of your air conditioning unit. UV treatment eliminates the use and release of such chemicals into your home and the environment.

Isn’t UV Light Dangerous?

Conventional UV light is dangerous to your skin and causes cataracts. But UV light treatment uses Far-UVC that does not penetrate the skin. Additionally, our technicians ensure that you never contact UV light during installation and operation. Only the air circulating in your home will be exposed to UV light, keeping it from microorganisms.

HVAC UV Light Installation in Arizona

Greenwood Air is your trusted HVAC system services provider in Arizona. Now installing APCO and APCOX products from Fresh-Aire. With over 32 years of combined experience, you can expect top-notch services from our licensed and authorized technicians. Contact us today to learn more about UV light treatment.

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